Its amazing what good friends and a good book can do for your writing. Here goes…

IN our world, those fit to survive do. And those who aren’t die. The Leaders don’t kill them. We never kill. But it is survival of the fitest. The unfit, the Lessers, are cast out. They live alone and if they do survive, they will die alone. And only those fit to reproduce will. Those like my parents have offspring. And some have offspring like me.
I am perfect. I am one of the Prime. There are 12 of us in existence. We are the strongest, fastest, smartest, fittest, most visually appealing. We are the elite, the most aptly equipped to survive. That is valued here. A genius named Darwin once wrote that those with the best chances of survival will survive. That is how we function. That is what we do. That is… it.
In our community, there are the Complete. Citizens who are of average and acceptable intelligence. Then there are the Leaders of society. They make the decisions and control the last faction of sociey, the Lessers. They are the ones un-fit to survive in our community. The blind, the deff, the mute, the disabled, both physically and mentally. They are sent to live in the wild Outer Regions. This is what is best for the survival of our species. Once, back in pre-society times, there were humans who tried to change this. Who tried to “fix” nature, to “cure” it. This almost lead to their destruction. they allowed the mentally disabled to run free until another functioning human was harmed or killed. They did not prevent those who were less from mating with with those who were not. The race as a whole was becoming weaker and weaker. So weak that the Leaders had to step in to save the humans. If not for the Intervention, we would not have the near-flawless society that we have here.
The Prime are the children of a few Complete. We live in the Center For Prime Intelligence Advancement, or just the Center. Our ages range from 15 to 26, the youngest being a boy named Tam, the oldest, a woman named Borrah, I, Kayhln, am 17. We all move here when we turn 15. After our 15th birthday, we leave our parents in the Inner Regions, and move to the Center, where we will live until we die.
Tam walks into dining pod carrying his supper tray. He takes his seat beside Lori and every one of us in the pod stares in silence.
“Geometry and engineering,” he says quietly. There are a few murmurs of approval, Lori pats him on the back, telling Tam that those should be good subjects to study, and we all go back to our meals. Everyone, while we are all gifted in every area, has a Specialty. When we come to the Center , we are put through a series of various tests to determine out Specialty. Lori’s is plants and animals. Borrah’s is decoding. Marq’s is combat. My Specialty is human to human interaction. I observe people. I learn everything I need to know about a person simply by speaking to and watching them.
The Bell chimes once, a low note. We all stand, return our trays to the bot, and head to our dormitories, the boys branching to the left, the girls to the left.

NEW STORY!!! Still no title tho…

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  • June 8, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Wow… i just read this and I stink at grammer. or reading and copying into the computer what I wrote on paper.

  • August 7, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Really cool story, I can’t wait to

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