National Poetry Month is a good excuse for people across America to embrace their creepy poem-obsession. You can read the official description on . Every April, participants celebrate by writing, reading and sharing poetry—through public events like open-mic nights, and even quirky little idea like the poem-in-your-pocket day on April 26th.

Some people choose to do the 30-day poetry challenge of NaPoWriMo (like NaNoWriMo, only less work ;) ). This event is not run by the Office of Letters and Lights—OLL is busy running Screnzy in April—but it’s just as rewarding and interactive.

*cough* Okay, fine. I’ve never done it. But for the past few years I’ve been meaning to, so I think it’s time :D WHO’S WITH ME???


About Sandy Crow

One day, I was born. presently I live. That is how I came to be. Wow, sandy. You're just hilarious. I wonder if anyone will actually read this? I mean, I'm probably just wasting my time... Nobody CARES. How do you look at other members' profiles? Hey, I think I'll go check that out right now! First I'll finish typing this pointless thing that no one will see. ...Nope. I just can't figure out how to do that :( But hey, no one will ever read this (as I've repeated over and over again), so it doesn't really matter. I can type anything I want in this. La la laaaaaa... MAN I AM SO WASTING MY TIME :D

6 Thoughts on “National Poetry Month (NaPoWriMo!)

  1. Empathy on March 20, 2012 at 5:52 pm said:

    Me. *raises hand* But I know I don’t count in your book, soooo yeah. :D

  2. Empathy on March 20, 2012 at 5:53 pm said:

    Wait, it looks like you have to start a blog to be one of the participants?

  3. Sandy Crow on March 23, 2012 at 8:59 pm said:

    Actually, I’m not doing the blog thing…you just have to decide to write 30 poems in April basically. There’s no procrastination station, plot machine, pep talks, word counting or any of the awesome things on nano, soooooo it doesn’t rilly mettor. :)

  4. Hmm, sounds interesting. Hopefully I will not develop an inconvenient case of poet’s block.

  5. Oh cool! I’ve never been able to do NaNoWriMo cause I’ve got no TIME. Time is a pretty useful thing to have. :/ But one poem a day I can do. I will
    make no guarantees on their quality, however.

  6. Sandy Crow on March 30, 2012 at 1:51 am said:

    AWESOME, GUYS!!! And Abby, as they say at NaNoWriMo…it’s about “quantity, not quality.” ;) :D

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